Rochelle Greayer - founder/ editor Leaf Magazine - creator of Studio 'g'

Rochelle Greayer –  Landscape Designer, Studio ‘g’ Chief and Founder, Super Mom Wannabe, Farmers’ Market Manageress, Editor & Co-Founder of Leaf Magazine

…I’ve had a few careers. The Highlights (in no particular order):

  • Mach 1.2 in the back seat of an F-14
  • Launching Russia’s first commercial satellite
  • Planting a giant Sequoia tree

Other Stuff: Love ‘Truck Songs’ – a super special mix tape heard only in my flare side Ford pick-up while on plant buying and flea market adventures. Still relish the day I was mistaken for Gwyneth Paltrow. I know that there is nothing better than Colorado roots, Montana blood and a rancher’s sensibility. If it is in the plant kingdom and its chartreuse, or grassy, or both – I want it. Can’t own enough pairs of Seven jeans. Thinks Rhinestone Cowboy and Grease were two of the best things about the 70s. Wears Sambas to garden and Hunters to work. Endless wanderlust will forever keep me in good supply of cocktail stories.

Past lives include stints as a Physicist Rocket Scientist, Pizza Maker, and Literary Agent Assistant

Katrina Keiffer Wells – Plate Spinning New Mummy, Garden Designer, Housewife, & Occasional Party Girl

I live to create – anything from flower arrangements to flan – I always have a project on the go. I used to be bad at finishing them but have talked myself out of that habit (well apart from all the unfinished things in the cupboard). I get bored if I am not doing something.

I love Citreon 2cv’s, 1950s kitchenalia, Vivienne Westwood and Scandinavian design. I listen to everything from Billie Holliday to Basement Jaxx, Frankie Valli to Florence and the Machine and love vinyl. My ideal Sunday would be mooching round a London flea market searching for bargains. A self confessed ebay junkie, I love a good upcycle and a really clever idea turns me on. I have visited all corners of the globe from Cuba to Calcutta, Sydney to St.Tropez but always return to London with a smile. Holidays these days see my husband and I travelling the countryside far and wide in Barry (our 1977 Ford Transit motorhome) with our baby boy Felix (who already has his own Facebook Artisan Docu Blog page called ‘A Day in the Life of Felix’).

Earth Designs is our other baby, run with my husband obeying and building my design whims, it has over the last 8 years completed over 315 jobs, presented over 250 designs, laid over 6500 metre of decking – enough to deck the HMS Victory twice over, laid the equivalent of a professional football pitch in turf, shifted over 230 tons of soil – enough to fill 2 double decker buses, planted over 10,000 plants including 200 mature trees, Appeared in 20 magazine articles, dug up 24 items of historical interest, used enough screws to fill an average family saloon car, laid over 2000 metres of armoured lighting cable – enough to stretch from the Tower of London to the Houses of Parliament, Sold over 300 vouchers, filled a sack full of postal designs and visited over 3500 gardens up and down the country.

Jen Sundeen

Jen Sundeen – Teacher, Bard, Community Pied Piper, Mother of Three Fairy Princesses, Air-guitar Rockstar

I am determined to never grow up, and the earth is my playground.  I adore the woods, the ocean, mossy stones, history, mythology, New Orleans, Martha’s Vineyard, Paris, Boston, and pubs. A lifelong yogi, I believe being alive simply rocks… and so does Pearl Jam.  Poetry, Magic Hat bottle caps, Eddie Vedder, and mason jars are my obsessions.  I am a founder, and these are some of the things that I have founded: The Durga Yoga Studio, The Harvard Farmers’ Market, Clara’s Canning Club, 108Gifts and The Scott Road Commune. Smoky red wine is my perfect compliment to camping, tree climbing, all manner of rituals, festivals and celebrations, fabulous local food, live music, bonfires, and late late nights.  I don’t like to wear shoes or sleeves, but if I HAVE to, you will find me in groovy boots….which compliment my beloved feathers, beads and other accessories that make music as I dance through this life.

Everything beautiful is most definitely wild and free.

Roanne Robbins - (coming soon)