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I’ve been thinking about adding a few plants & stones to the corner of my yard, so finding this makeover was great timing. Scott mostly writes about technology & music on his blog, but google took me to this post from a few years back and I thought it would be a good fit for this week’s before & after. As you can see, the grass had already been scraped away for the “Before” photo, which left behind a perfect foundation to work with. Read the full post


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Just a quick before & after for your reading pleasure…this makeover project was finished by Johnson’s Landscaping Service out of Maryland- the company traces its roots all the way back to 1933! Wow! Anyway, I always love a great corner makeover project, so I thought I’d share this one with you. This corner started out as a space that probably looked great at some point, but I really do love the transition…

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You may remember the amazing Before & After from Michael Muro that I posted a few months ago, and I’m excited to share another transformation he completed. For those of you who might have misssed it, Michael works out of Seattle, Washington and do a lot of really great transformations- big and small. This particular makeover appears to have been taken place in the homeowner’s backyard.

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As you can see, a lot of the elements were kept in place but just cleaned up a bit. It’s pretty cool what you can do with a tired space, isn’t it? The pavers look great and the little plants dotted throughout add the perfect amount of color and variety. I love how much impact such a small yard can have! If you want to see more of Michael’s designs, you can visit his website and poke around. -erin

If you have a great transformation that you’d like to share, send us an email and a few photos!

Images by: Michael Muro

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Over the weekend I found a garden blog called Rooting for Ideas. I haven’t been able to explore too much yet, but the few posts I’ve read have been quite promising. And…I found one of my favorite makeovers to date. Probably in the top 5….I think you’ll love it too. Back in 1997, Don and his wife bought an amazing property in New York state called Old Totem Farm. Don started on his garden just after moving in and says that it now spans about 4 acres and entirely surrounds the house. He enjoys creating “garden rooms” and has quite a few at this point….a moon garden, plum orchard, lilac walk, etc. And the best part is that they all encompass his biggest project to date…. Read the full post


I found this really sweet bean tunnel over the winter and I’ve been dying to make one of my own ever since! April from Wahsega Valley Farm has an incredible backyard vegetable garden, and as soon as I saw this bare garden structure, I knew it would be a even cooler once the vines started to grow.

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You might remember this post that I wrote last fall, which featured a gorgeous pergola addition to a North Carolina mountainside backyard. Well, last week I ended up finding my way back to Penny’s blog The Comforts of Home, and this time I discovered a really great project that involved adding a path. When Penny and her husband went to see this house for the first time, they were a little confused about where the front door was. Once they realized it was nothing more than a careless weedy dirt path that would take them there, they knew that adding a proper pathway was at the top of their list.

comfortsofhome2After a few truckloads of dirt were hauled in to help raise the slanted side yard, a path made of pavers was installed. Ferns, evergreens, and other perennials were added, and a charming iron archway was put up. The surrounding area was finished with a lovely chunky mulch, and the results are fantastic! I would love to have a side yard like this, but we haul a trailer through our yard on a pretty regular basis, so for now I will just swoon over Penny’s impressive yard. -erin

If you have a great Before & After project that you’d like to share with the Studio ‘g’ community, send us an email along with some photos!

Images from: The Comforts of Home


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Living in a ranch house myself, I’m always up to see what other people are doing with the yards and spaces that occupy the front of their short but lengthy one stories. I’ve personally found the design aspect to be a bit of a challenge since I don’t want to compete with the height of the house, and also because the layout is so different than most houses seem to be. I had a really hard time starting on my own update, but this particular Before & After reminded me that you just have to start somewhere.  Read the full post