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Did I mention I am in Brugge, Belgium?  Yes, I am here with my family on a much needed vacation.  But PITH + VIGOR’s indiegogo campaign doesn’t rest, so I am checking in regularly; working on all the behind the scenes networking that goes along with making this campaign successful, every morning before my people wake up and we head out across the low countries on our bikes.

(And I am taking lots of garden pics to share later)

But here is the big news:  WE ARE MORE THAN 25% OF THE WAY THERE!  Which is very exciting, but as great as that is….we still have 75% left to go.  Can you help out?

Of course if you haven’t already subscribed yourself – please do.  This is an exciting project that I truly believe will benefit every gardener in some way or another.  A strong community-building publication will be enjoyable to everyone with a copy, and it will help small businesses and local establishements thrive, and it will make the resources for all gardeners more accessible and successful.  Everyone wins!
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If you are able to help out even more though, we have some additional incentives:

If you can refer more than $400 worth of contributors from your own network we will send you a signed copy of my upcoming book.  


If you are a business (or a blogger, or a Non-profit, or whatever…) and can refer $400 worth of contributions then we will give you a free directory advertisement in the first issue. (and if you can double that, certainly a much bigger ad is in order!….we will discuss)

Please help us spread the word – a community newspaper like this is best when it grows from grassroots support.

Share it on your social networks, send it in an email, blog about it – if you need help with ideas, images or content, let us know – we will send you whatever you need!

Here is how the referral works:  

First – Make sure you are logged into your indiegogo account.  When you are logged in, use the share buttons or if you prefer, you can copy and paste the web address of the campaign (so long as you are logged in when you copy) and either will allow us to track the contributions that come from your contacts in the indiegogo campaign monitor.  

Can you help us over the top?  

I appreciate everything you can do! – Rochelle

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Hey everyone! I hope all your landscapes are thriving with color and curiosity during this first week of summer! It’s been a beautiful June here in Wisconsin– lots of rain, but nothing a good rain jacket won’t take care of. The flowers are loving it and it’s been nice to just let the garden do its thing. Anyway, let’s get onto the featured post! You may remember seeing Jerry Galanti’s work on the blog from time to time in the past. This week’s Before & After features a makeover out of Los Angeles, California. Jerry sent a few photos along with a quick write up about the project, stating that the homeowners had slightly different desires for the space. The wife wanted a clean and minimal look, but the husband wanted to keep his prized roses and vegetable gardens…2 very different ideas if you ask me! Click ahead to see what Jerry came up with!

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I’m having a flash back.  Today feels just like a launch day from back when Susan and I were publishing Leaf Magazine.  We would work all weekend and maybe even days before that and feel tremendously tired and stressed to finally arrive at the moment where it was time to push that final ‘publish’ button.  That moment never came easyily (and I never expect it will) – With each release we put together something that was compelling and interesting and that we poured our hearts into; so releasing it to the world felt huge and it always came with at least a little hesitation.

After months and months of planning and refining an idea, I pushed the ‘publish’ button again today.  But this was a little different than an with an actual magazine.  This is for a crowdfunding campaign (but geez – getting it together was a lot of work!!).

The publication will come later if this is funding is successful. Would you like to see another publicaiton like Leaf? I would – and that is what I promise to deliver with PITH + VIGOR.  The actual first issue will release later this year (September 2014).
I could not be more excited about this project. I have so much to tell you about it, but since I spent the last few weeks making this video (to do just that), I’ll let it (me) do the talking.

In order to get a copy of PITH + VIGOR, you will have to subscribe (This time around it simply can’t be free – it must be sustainable). Right now, the only way to get your subscription is through the indiegogo campaign ($25 gets you a whole year’s worth – 4 issues). Will you subscribe? – or perhaps even consider supporting at a greater level?

For your support, I simply cannot express my gratitude enough. Warmly – Rochelle

Go to the Indiegogo Campaign to Subscribe to PITH + VIGOR

p.s. if you have any thoughts, or questions about PITH + VIGOR – fire away – I am happy to answer!

Greetings, Studio G Readers!  My name is Elizabeth, and I’ve been designing outdoor spaces for over 12 years.  I also have a background in production design (mostly stage and film,) so “setting the scene” is something that is very familiar to me.  In fact, “setting your own scene” is the way I like to approach most of my designs.  Since Studio G has long been one of my favorite places to scout for ideas, I’m thrilled to be with you today as a guest contributor!

I love, love, LOVE to scout for products.  New/vintage, high end/low end, repurposed/thrifted—you name it, and I’m there.  I truly believe that good design should be accessible to everyone, and it should not be something that only a privileged few can afford.  When redesigning your space, the best way to start is to determine a realistic budget.  Then, create an inspiration board of your favorite items (irrespective of the price,) and finally…get creative! look for less via www.studiogblog.com Today, I’ve pulled an ad from one of my favorite haunts—the Indie-boho hipster Mecca, known as Anthropologie.  You guys…I love Anthropologie.  I really, really do.  I love being surrounded by outfits that make me feel like I’m an extra for the movie “500 Days of Summer,” or that I’m the new “It Girl” at Coachella.  They burn those heady candles that smell like fields of English flowers, and their fresh-faced sales staff is more than happy to help me spend every last dime I own in their FABULOUS home section. Read the full post

…my book went up on Amazon.com for pre-order.  I found out from a friend who mentioned it in an email….I was taking a break from writing captions (for the book).  It all seems a little scary that the book is there for all the world to see….and we are still working on finalizing it….but there it is.  You can pre-order it (I promise to sign it at any opportunity we have to meet!).  Crazy right?

I don’t even have a full sized version of the final cover to share here….so if you want to see you will have to click here and go check it out: Cultivating Garden Style: Inspired Ideas and Practical Advice to Unleash Your Garden Personality.

xo- Rochelle

Heart shaped hoya plants from alder and co via www.studiogblog.com

I’ve got a couple hours before the weekend begins in earnest so I am trying to squeeze in some creative work before I sign off.  This weekend I’m planning to get a few projects done (painting mostly) as well as some deep cleaning checked off the to-do list.  I am feeling the rapid dawn of spring – even though I still need to shovel the foot of snow that arrived on Wednesday from my front porch.   It must be the dripping icicles that are sending spring signals to my brain.  How about you? – I’ve read around that some people are planting seeds (in the Northwest) – that seems so crazy at the moment.  Is it spring in your world? If not, maybe you want to enjoy a few links.

’til Monday – Rochelle

Image Alder and Co

zippy greayer by rochelle greayer www.studiogblog.comI’m going way off topic here, but I am really (unexpectedly) struggling with something today.  I just dropped off my 21 month old dog to get neutered and I am a distracted mess.  It isn’t the surgery part (though I worry), but it is this nagging question about whether or not I should be doing this to my dog at all.

To back up a bit — I have had many pets in my life and all of them have been neutered.  All of them were shelter animals and it wasn’t an option to take them home without this procedure already done.  So I guess I never really thought twice about it and it was done before I really got to know the animal.  But Zippy is different.  He came from a breeder and the breeders were quite clear to me that they do not condone neutering (to use their words – “needlessly cruel and inhumane”).  In the face of this, I held off because after doing quite a bit of reading on the subject, I learned that the hormones that neutering deprives of a developing body can have lasting effects (it makes sense and offers a possible explanation for so many dogs with skeletal problems like hip displasia and bad knees, cancers and new diseases).  Early neutering has been linked to all sorts of issues including joint problems and dogs not developing as they naturally should.  The recommendation and advice I settled on was to wait until at least 18 months and then catch the ‘sweet spot’ before they turn 2 ( I honestly can’t remember the logic of the before two thing at the moment).  So here we are, and I made the appointment on a day last week when Zippy’s dominant traits were getting to me a little more than normal.

The deed is done (I am pretty sure) he has been at the vet since 9:15 and it is after 12 now.  So I know that there is no use trying to call the vet for a panicked last minute save – he is probably already in the recovery room.  But nonetheless, I can’t help but feel like I have done something regrettable and I wish I could take it back – but then I am not sure.

I told my young son about Zippy’s surgery today on the way to school and as he asked me many questions, I became increasingly rattled.  He didn’t understand ‘Why would we cut off a piece of Zippy’s body?’  ‘Won’t that hurt him?’ ‘Do testicles have to do with testing things?’ ‘Why don’t we want puppies?’ (on this piece I am quite ok — but the reality is that our dog doesn’t have a whole lot of contact with other dogs, and overpopulation is not an issue where I live -dogs are regularly shipped here from other parts of the country to be adopted- and we have no intent to breed him).  ‘Is it cruel and painful?’  and the final (said in a state of total confusion and some distress) ‘Why would we do this to him?’ (this is the one that just keeps playing in my head).

Is this really necessary?  Is this really what is best for the dog?  Take away the accidental pregnancy thing and all I have left is that it might calm him down a bit and maybe make him a little less alpha-ish — but by my readings on this is are all pretty questionable (as science goes) and it may have no effect at all.

I wonder, did we all grow up with so many constant reminders by Bob Barker to the point that we haven’t thought that maybe this isn’t the best thing anymore?  Is it one of those things we do (to our pets) because we are supposed to and after a time we forget the reason in the first place?  Our dogs don’t tend to run around un-leashed or unconfined by fences as much as they once did (at least not most — but if they did then I could see the point).  It also seems that maybe we might know more about development and hormones 30 years later that make me question our quickness to just cut it off without any expectation that this might come with other knock on health effects. I really don’t know.  Our vet seems to think it is a good idea but she also prescibes (pushes) all sorts of expensive drugs and treatments that clearly line up with the wall to wall advertising posters in the office (the billboard-ization of the vet office makes me grumpy).  I often wonder if I should view her not as a partner in maintaining my dog’s health and happiness but as an unwitting agent of veterinary phamaceutical and chemical company corruption.  Or maybe it still is the right thing to do and I am feeling horrible about this because I just do.   -Rochelle

P.S. I took this picture of Zippy about a month ago. The shot was driven largely by the fact that I was perfectly lined up capture his remarkable physical symmetry – and he was holding so still (a rarity).  He desperately wanted to go play soccer with the kids in the distance and just stared anxiously at them. As I flipped through my photo archives for a great shot of him to share, this one just seemed particularly apropos. 

image rochelle greayer