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Oh, Charter (my Internet, TV, phone company)  how I loathe thee…..but must admit at least one small concession.   I have, until about an hour ago, been without Internet, phone and TV for over 24 hours.  Initially, I had withdrawals, but then, in the same amount of time that I would normally have spent prepping a couple more ‘before and after’ posts yesterday I got a whole ton of other (non-Internet) things done that I had been procrastinating.   I am sure I would have done them eventually, but certainly the forced down time helped.  So regardless, of the fact that I wasted my entire morning being outside, freezing, waiting for you (charter), not in the warmth of my own house, but at the end of my driveway  (because you suck so bad I can’t even trust you to not lie to me and to honestly come to my house and try to drive up my driveway at our given appointment time) at least yesterday was productive in a way I can be grateful for.  If my town is successful in that Google Broadband thing-y that they were applying for, you can be sure, that I will take final steps.  No more house phone, we can just use our cell phones, no more TV (Netflix, Roku and the lot are way better and cheaper) and no more you.  I am sure I can find other ways to make myself stop procrastinating.

I have been overwhelming my self with inspiration lately, between my blogging class and the subsequent explorations, my new “can you make this into a garden series” and other funny things creeping into my life (Walt Whitman poems and the sort). I have a few things I need to just post about and get out of my system…like the color blue and gypsies. When I get it out…maybe I can move onto other things…

I wanted to share with you a little personal improvement mission…I want this blog to continue to grow and flourish and I am happy for it to continue to take over my professional life. To that end, I have enrolled in a class that is being given by Holly Becker of Decor8. The class started this morning and will be running for the next 4 weeks. I have no idea what is in store, what I will take away from this, or what will make it to these pages – but I just wanted to share with you that I expect it will be something.
Already I am having small revelations…we were asked to introduce ourselves and this is what I wrote….

My Name is Rochelle and my blog is Studio ‘g’ . (http://studiog.greayer.com)
I am a mom of 2 (girl 6 and boy 3) and I live in Harvard, MA. My blog is an extension of my business, though since starting it 8 months ago, I have become increasingly interested in it becoming my only business (which is why I am here). I am a landscape designer, a career change I made 8 years ago while living in London, England (previously IT – Physics). Studio ‘g’ is a design blog about all things garden design, landscape design, and stylish outdoor living.
My house is sort of rural (though Boston is close), and we have a bit of land. My husband is a smarty pants guy that is obsessed with becoming a gentleman farmer and I his design obsessed wife. In addition to our 2 beautiful children, we have 2 cats (chuck – because that is the best name for a fluffy orange cat and Lyle- because as a kitten his bedraggled look reminded us of our fav. musician Lyle Lovett). We are expecting a flock of chickens and guinea hens to arrive any day which will officially launch us into the farmer realm. Oh – and I almost forgot to mention Steve and Lisa…2 peacocks that showed up beneath my kitchen window on my birthday 2 years ago and adopted us as their summer home (I am still trying to figure out what that omen meant). They are a bit territorial and we are not sure how our new friends will be received. Wish us luck.
I also started and manage a Farmers market in my town (which in its second year became the biggest in Central MA) and I am wanting to start a second blog with my farmers market co-horts that is all about our market and the crazy amazing place that it is, and all topics related to creating, managing, and having fun at a farmers market. It will be at http://www.farmersmarketblog.com but there is nothing there yet.

I am sharing here, because as I wrote this, I realized how different this is from what I have on my ‘about page’ and is somehow a bit more me (and a little less Rochelle – “the design firm principal”). And I thought it seemed odd to be saying this to a group of new online friends (my classmates) when I hadn’t made this introduction to you all my existing online friends.
And just to make it more interesting…I put together this little collage of my animal friends that you have now been introduced to. I think it is a key element to every great garden or property (or even business for that matter) to have a mascot. Mitchell Gold has Lulu. The Memphis Peabody Hotel has the Ducks. The Fairmont Copley Plaza in Boston Has Katie the black lab….and now that I am writing…I can’t think of any more gardens with animal mascots….I know there are more….can you think of any??

Here are my garden mascots.
Chuck, Lyle, Steve and Lisa.
chuck lyle steve and lisa garden mascots

Just a reminder….today is the last day of the domino giveaway. You have until tonight to enter. I have worked up this image as my regular ‘give-away’ image. I love how the fireworks are just a profusion of flowers. So from now on, if you see this image…we are giving something away…

studio g blog giveaway give aways away

So as you can see it is up and running…my husband and  I have been working on it all weekend and I am well aware that there are many missing links at the moment…but that aside, I would love to hear what you think.

I will give a full tour when it is all linked back up…(hopefully tomorrow).

It’s happened a few times in my life.  I remember them all.

I am talking about those moments when you achieve a result, receive a sign or have a door open; when something happens to you that you know you will always remember as a sign of your accomplishments, your perseverance, your gumption or sheer dumb luck.

Call me wacky (my friends think I am nuts) but I am freaking out about the fact that I just got an email from Topher Delaney (she says I’m FABULOUS – and yes she used all caps).  It ranks right up there with the day I came home to a voice mail from Diarmuid Gavin wanting me to come for a job interview (which I totally blew with own inability to have a normal conversation with a personal idol).  Or when Margaret Roach made a comment on a post about wreaths… or when Germy the Germinatrix of Domino fame asked me (in a comment) ‘where had I been’ all her life.   Maybe I am easily flattered..but I am flying high as a kite right now…Thanks Topher.

I love blogging.  I get to help people, be creative, celebrate what I love, the people I admire, and the talents of my colleagues – except for an income, I couldn’t ask for anything more.

Has this type of thing happened to you?  I would love to hear about it.

I set little personal goals for everything in my life…this blog included…and since I started writing it, one of my goals is to consistently increase my traffic.  I have been meeting my goal without a problem, so in light of the fact that I need a little challenge, I upped the ante… I have actually been doubling my traffic each month… As you can imagine it is quickly getting harder and harder to achieve this little goal, and this may be the last month I can pull it off before having to stretch out my time line a bit.  But here is the deal…as of right this minute (7:29 am on Jan 31, 2009) I am exactly 425 visits off my goal for January.   I would love to make it, and I am going to work hard on getting there between right now and midnight tonight….but that is a bit of  stretch (though not a huge) for a one day Saturday traffic.   Do you think you can help me get there?….maybe forward to a friend or two… I will let you know if I make it.   A few new posts are on the way…to make it interesting….