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So as you can see it is up and running…my husband and  I have been working on it all weekend and I am well aware that there are many missing links at the moment…but that aside, I would love to hear what you think.

I will give a full tour when it is all linked back up…(hopefully tomorrow).

It’s happened a few times in my life.  I remember them all.

I am talking about those moments when you achieve a result, receive a sign or have a door open; when something happens to you that you know you will always remember as a sign of your accomplishments, your perseverance, your gumption or sheer dumb luck.

Call me wacky (my friends think I am nuts) but I am freaking out about the fact that I just got an email from Topher Delaney (she says I’m FABULOUS – and yes she used all caps).  It ranks right up there with the day I came home to a voice mail from Diarmuid Gavin wanting me to come for a job interview (which I totally blew with own inability to have a normal conversation with a personal idol).  Or when Margaret Roach made a comment on a post about wreaths… or when Germy the Germinatrix of Domino fame asked me (in a comment) ‘where had I been’ all her life.   Maybe I am easily flattered..but I am flying high as a kite right now…Thanks Topher.

I love blogging.  I get to help people, be creative, celebrate what I love, the people I admire, and the talents of my colleagues – except for an income, I couldn’t ask for anything more.

Has this type of thing happened to you?  I would love to hear about it.

I set little personal goals for everything in my life…this blog included…and since I started writing it, one of my goals is to consistently increase my traffic.  I have been meeting my goal without a problem, so in light of the fact that I need a little challenge, I upped the ante… I have actually been doubling my traffic each month… As you can imagine it is quickly getting harder and harder to achieve this little goal, and this may be the last month I can pull it off before having to stretch out my time line a bit.  But here is the deal…as of right this minute (7:29 am on Jan 31, 2009) I am exactly 425 visits off my goal for January.   I would love to make it, and I am going to work hard on getting there between right now and midnight tonight….but that is a bit of  stretch (though not a huge) for a one day Saturday traffic.   Do you think you can help me get there?….maybe forward to a friend or two… I will let you know if I make it.   A few new posts are on the way…to make it interesting….

Ugh…laziness and mental distraction pervades….but this was fun.  There is a quiz over at This garden is Illegal that tells you what kind of flower you are.

This is what it told me…

“Mischief is your middle name, but your first is friend. You are quite the prankster that loves to make other people laugh.”


and then I went back and changed two answers that I was torn about and this is what I became…

You have a sunny disposition and are normally one of the first to show up for the party. You don’t need too much attention from the host once you get there as you are more than capable of making yourself seen and heard.


ok – I need to go get another cup of coffee.

What kind of flower are you?

I am adding lots of new things here and as I am generally flying by the seat of my pants you might notice some weirdness as we go along.  I would like to be able to email you from time to time — as in a few times per year…and only if its really interesting or important.   I will never give away these email addresses to anyone…for any reason (unless I am being water boarded or something…but I am hopeful that nonsense will be stopping soon).    I am working on adding pages where you can give me your name and address…but in the mean time, I am testing it out here….so, if you are so inclined…



Things are starting to get back to normal.  The Harvard General Store is back open and this morning was a scene of hugs and story swapping that can only happen like that in a small town such as mine.  Yesterday our town went from 40% power to 70% power.  I am one of the lucky ones in the original 40% (we got power on Monday afternoon), but I am still without telephone, internet and cable.  I am thankfully writing this post from the living room of a friends warm house.

So after a week of being consumed by a natural disater, I am ready to move on, stop talking about it, start enjoying the season again, and get back to blogging.  One last thing though before I do…

Lisa Aciukewicz is a local photographer and she has posted her shots –which are remarkably better than mine — of our town as we moved through this remarkable event on our history.  Take a moment to see what we have been dealing with.  Picture #3 is one of my favorites…every road was like this…there is humor in the simple little road closed sign…a funny little understatement of the obvious.

That’s it…I am on to brighter horizons….and hopefully will be posting from my own office soon.

This is a small departure form the usual content of this blog, but I feel I must explain my abrupt absence on Friday and until now.   This crazy ice storm hit my town.  Maybe you heard about it…our governor has declared a state of emergency.

The little news that we get tells us that Northern Worcester County, MA is one of the hardest hit areas.  That is where I live.  My once beautiful, charming New England town looks positively war torn.  In fact, as it was happening on Thursday night, it was like trying to sleep through a fireworks show….where the fireworks could, at any moment, come crashing through the roof.

Trees are down everywhere.  We have no power, which means that the pump for our well does not work either.

So without heat, electricity, water, and with only a fireplace, we have been camping in our living room and availing ourselves of the services at the “shelter” that is our local high school…and I haven’t been able to blog.

Where is the Driveway??

My driveway (about 300 ft long) runs down the middle of this picture.  It became relatively safe to venture out about mid-day on Friday…too many falling trees to venture out earlier.  It took all day and a lot of chain sawing (no more accidents, thankfully) to get to the main road.

Potting Shed

The potting shed / future chicken coop.


Our patio

pretty ice storm

but it is pretty…

pretty ice storm again

power line

The power pole is dangling over the road where we normally drive.

I am at a local cafe, working on my husbands work computer. At my house, men from Ohio are working right now.  When I saw them arrive, I truly felt, after three days of cold and dark, that the cavalry had arrived  to save us.   They are making no promises for restoration today or tonight…or even tomorrow, so I may not be back online until Tuesday or Wed, but help has arrived and I am hopeful to be back up and running soon.