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cherry blossom

I hope you’ve had a great weekend.  Mine was nice, even if it was completely taken over by an elementary school production of Mulan.  We’ve had 4 shows since Friday night and I am just tired.  I’ve done a lot of makeup, handed out programs, stack and un-stacked chairs, and pushed around a ton of large school furniture.  I think I only have the mental capacity to park myself on the sofa in front of an episode of Parks and Rec and wait for my the roast chicken (in the oven) to be ready for dinner.  Ahh…. and it is spring, I’ve got the fever and I am ready to get things done.  These are things that have been hanging around on my desk this week.  I hope you enjoy them!



 image by Chris Waits (CC 2.0)



spring daffodils by rochelle greayer www.studiogblog.comSpring has sprung and thought quite a bit snow remains here in Massachusetts, I got some pruning in yesterday. Are you in the garden yet?  There is so much to do – I even have some green things – albeit weeds – but it is encouraging.  I managed to scratch my cornea with the tip of a hydrangea stem (which is making things quite blurry still — though at this point I am unsure which is worse – the scratches or the antibiotic ointment).  Makes me think I need to wear safety glasses – but I really don’t want to – unless I can find some that are really cute (and by cute I do not mean patronizingly pink and purple versions of lumberjack glasses – I mean cute – like I could forget to take them off when I run to the store and not look like I just stepped out of the bio lab or like someone who is inclined to have a chainsaw lying about in the car).  I’ve found nothing….if you know of any – send them my way.  Until then – I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend with some of these lovely links.

In other news — this quote got cut from my book this week due to copyright details – “Rule number one: Always stick around for one more drink. That’s when things happen. That’s when you find out everything you want to know.” ― John BerendtMidnight in the Garden of Good and Evil   (Damn, I love this quote – too bad it couldn’t stay in the section where we talk about outdoor bar carts…)


Flower arrangement by rochelle greayer www.studiogblog.com

I hope you have all had a great weekend. I hear the weather has started to warm in most places.  I couldn’t tell you as I spent most of the weekend insides sitting in the chair that I work in, editing my book.  I’ve got 3 more days to turn this whole thing around and send it back to the publisher.  But I’m happy to report that barring some sort of crazy catastrophe, I am on schedule to finish in time.  So this week’s list of things that caught my eye is a little short, cause, I’ve been surfling a little less than normal….but I hope you enjoy anyway.

‘Til tomorrow – Rochelle

I am sorry to be getting this up late, but I have been stumbling around trying to sort out all the things that have to be done between this Tuesday and the following Wednesday and so that I can get them done early. I’ve been put on notice that a package will arrive on Tuesday with all the first draft pages of my book, and I have 8 days to write captions, edit everything, and put together the photo credits.  It a whole lot of stuff that has to get done in a very short time.  As Julie, my editor, advised I am freezing meals, plotting out places for the kids to be and generally trying to clear the deck in preparation.  The irony is that my industriousness to get things done ahead of schedule has put me behind on the current things. Such is life right?  Anyway – happy Sunday morning to you… I hope you can enjoy some of these links over a nice hot drink.


p.s. That top picture – me, playing around – pretending I am Cyndi Lauper (al la 1985) – I was actually in a recording studio making the voice over for a book trailer that will be out in a couple of weeks. Just so you know – I seriously don’t sing.



I’ve had a lot of new and exciting things going on this week.  I’ve been working on a trailer for my book.  Reverse engineering shots that I like and trying to find just the right outfits and props and all of it has been new and fun.  (I might have to do more of this so I can get better at it).  Among the endless book trailer videos that I have watched this week, this one for BJ Novak’s new book stood out.  My book trailer will be nothing like this — but I am so hopeful it will turn out just a charming.   I’m off for more filming today and through the weekend.  What are you up to?  Here are some other fun things that crossed my path this week.

And one last thing – Studio ‘g’ was name one of the Top 5 Garden Blogs according to Better Homes and Gardens.  There is a voting thing to name a winner.  We’d love it if you could support us (by voting regularly) for a reader’s choice award. 

- Rochelle


table top water garden by Rad Megan via www.studiogblog.com

If you didn’t see my Apartment Therapy post about the inspiration for my table top garden, then you might have missed Rad Megan’s table top water garden.   I can’t get it off my mind….totally obesessed.  Can we all agree that this should become a trend, therefore (hopefully) causing my local garden centers to stock cool water plants in the dead of winter?  That would be nice.

Here are other a few other things that caught my eye this week.  Have a great weekend!


image Rad Megan

Ben Giles art via www.studiogblog.com

Do you know why I started blogging back in 2008?  It wasn’t to meet kindred souls or to practice writing or to experiment with ideas and personal challenges (as it often is now).  Nah, I saw a blog as a fantastic technology tool to get myself better organized.  I frequently chronicled links to products and services that I wanted to be able to find again (through tags and keywords) so that I didn’t feel like I had to have an office full of the paper clutter (that so many designers are plagued with).

Somewhere along the way I lost track of that – primarily because my office isn’t so full of catalogs anymore. But I have a new kind of clutter.  One that makes my computer slow and drives my just as crazy as paper piles. It is browser tabs.  Right now at this very moment, I have 42 tabs open (fellow tab addicts, we are not alone). I buy extra system memory just to support my tab addiction. It is a real problem.

I try to go and shut things down, but I know that without a record I will never remember that wonderful thing that I found, so I cling to it tightly in the form a tab.  I know that there are countless tools for bookmarking, but I have never found one that has stuck with me.   I am best if I just make a list in my own way and for myself (no matter how randomly disconnected it is).  And I can’t curate it to be interesting to anyone else but me – no offense, but we all know addicts need to take care of themselves first.  This is purely about safely closing tabs  - But I do hope you find some things that you will want to keep track of too. So, in an effort to get this thing under control, I am going back to the blog – right here –  (hey it worked once) for help.

<deep breath>

Hello, My name is Rochelle, I am a tab addict.  I am going to fight this thing – I am going shut them down – but first I am going to list them here so I can find them again, when I need to. Once a week, I will clear my mind, and my browser and shut down all these Open Tabs.  (ahh, I feel better already)

Ben Giles art via www.studiogblog.com

Here it goes:

Whew…. I’m  down to 17 tabs….that’s progress!….baby steps.  More next weekend.

 images Ben Giles