Kitchen Lab herbalist cabinet for homemade remedies from the garden via www.studiogblog.comCold, flu and winter allergy season has already started in our house.  When the heat came on a few weeks back I was instantly plagued with intense allergy symptoms (I have a mouse allergy and I  have finally figured out that those little buggers – and their nastiness – are all over inside my old house heating ducts ).

Kitchen Lab herbalist cabinet for homemade remedies from the garden via

I like to tough things out if I can.  It’s not that I have an intractable nature, it’s just that I find so many ailments come with cures whose side effects are as bad or worse than the original problem.  Like now for instance, the allergy attack led to an immediate sinus infection whose antibiotic treatment is currently wreaking havoc on other parts of my body (which I don’t care to discuss).

Kitchen Lab herbalist cabinet for homemade remedies from the garden via

I am however interested in learning more about herbal remedies.  I figure at the very least I can become more knowledgeable about plants and their properties and the science behind their uses and at best I get a little relief and assistance while I hold out waiting to see if something goes away on its own or with a little of the right natural encouragement.

Kitchen Lab herbalist cabinet for homemade remedies from the garden via

I’ve been starting to read up and learn, but when I came across this natural kitchen, designed by Nienke van de Pol I decided to go all in.    Unfortunately this particularly pretty cabinet that comes with all the pretty implements isn’t in my budget but I do like the idea of a home Kitchen Lab for making my own self-care remedies straight from the garden.  I think it will be housed inside the existing dining room cabinet – along with the liquor (they go together right?).  As Nienka says: “Today’s circumstances force us to take the initiative when it comes to our health….[and] By exploring you will find how easy it is to make your own self care remedies for everyday ailments.”

images Studio Nienka Van De Pol

I love owls and spotting one in the garden or while hiking outside is one of those events that happens rarely enough that extreme excitement ensues every time.  I think I remember every single spotting in my life — including the first time — which BTW was when I was probably about 4 and we were driving through the University of Southern Colorado’s campus (where my dad was a student) and there in the middle of what seems like a desert…on a small tree in the middle of a hot day were 3 small owls…a momma and a couple babies…all less that 9 inches tall sitting on a low branch just watching life go by.  They could have been statues – but they weren’t.  Awesome.


owl inspired garden accessories and fabric from www.studiogblog.comDo you get excited over owls?  Interestingly, across worldwide cultures and traditions they are associated with one of two things.  Wisdom and/or omens of death or evil.  I find it fascinating that ancient cultures who arguably had no influence on each other would have similar associates. Pondering this only increases my owl fascination.

Owl inspired products don’t quite make up for the real thing (not even close) but they are still fun to consider.

  1. Norris the Owl Garden Table
  2. River Rock Boulder Owls
  3. Owl Faucet
  4. Owl balancer stake (what do you think of this….I can’t decide if I love it hate it…)
  5. Hand Screen Printed Fabric (in Orange and other colors by by Melissa Bombardiere)  – On Sale!

Happy Weekend!

P.S.  I am heading into the laptop-free woods of Maine for a few days of nature-loving.  I will be back next Thursday but in the mean time Rodney will be here on Tuesday and I will likely be posting the occasional picture on instagram if you want to follow along. - Rochelle


Its Friday and I am getting an early start as I am headed down to the Newport Folk Festival!  It’s my first time, and its is my little people’s first real concert ever – I’m so excited for them.  I wish the weather were better though — it is rainy and not supposed to get too much above 70.   I fear that sitting on the ocean front in my new perfect folk fest dress might be a little chilly and downright impractical.  Damn.


pale green garden ins[iration from www.studiogblog.comIf you are a music fan and want to follow along I’ll post some shots from the shows on my instagram.  In the mean time though….a bunch of pale green garden stuff sort of caught my eye this week.  Here is the best of it:

  1. Moondance hanging chair.
  2. French Painted Metal and Wood Garden Bench
  3. Japanese Ceramic Planter
  4. Varnished Metal Bench
  5. Green Metal Garden Markers



stump style via


Simple, sturdy, texturally beautiful and nature made, stumps are a great inspiration for a variety of garden ready products.

  1.  Stump Pouf 
  2. Cottonwood Cast Stone Stump Fire Pit
  3. Light n’ Go Cocktail Party Fire log
  4. The Stump Cooler  
  5. Stump Chunks – Eco Fire starter from aged shredded stumps



5 black and white garden products from



In this heat I am feeling anything but crisp and fresh.  Black and white always helps to sharpen things up so I’ve collected 5 black and white ideas for your garden.  Have a great weekend — stay cool. - rochelle

1. Cabana Bean Bag Chair 

2. Victorian black and white checkered tile in the garden.

3. Black and White Checkered Pots


4. Woven Chair

5. Melamine Platter.

Oh boy, I used to think I was the kind of person who handled change really well, but this week put my just-go-with-it mentality to the test.

It was the first week of school being out and the last week that I am letting my little people go without highly structured levels of ‘something to do’. I was not so good with change this week and as a result I am trying to get back into routines that I have long ago let slide….like an editorial calendar here. I need a framework for my creativity or else the stress of everything else I have going on just overwhelms me to the point that I have nothing.

So — I’m bringing back a few things…slowly but surely and I already feel better.pattern inspiration for garden via

I’ve been obsessing about all things pattern related. So bringing back the Friday 5 roundup, here are some of my favorite patterned items for your garden decor.

1. Grassrider indoor outdoor mat by Domestic Construction
2. Liberty print melamine tray by RiceMorrocan Mosaic Tables from Tazi Designs
3. Morrocan Mosaic Tables from Tazi Designs
4. Visions Ombre Pillow from Shop Boxhill.
5. Arteriors sullivan polished brass perforated lantern.

the BBQ Herb Garden

Today’s daily garden was designed by Secret Gardens of Sydney,  Australia.  This garden is just beautiful and truly a showpiece for keeping it simple and making the most of a small town garden.   The herb pot surrounding the BBQ is my favorite part, but here are some other views of this great design.

details of city garden sydney australia lantern herb pots decking

deck and pool in of city garden sydney australia lantern herb pots decking

deck and pool in of city garden sydney australia lantern herb pots decking

deck and pool in of city garden sydney australia lantern herb pots decking