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December is such a fun time with a myriad of online giveaways to celebrate the season.  Garden sites are in on the action and with a little clicking around there are some really great prizes that might score you a few free holiday gifts, or will at least get you through the long winter and prepare you for the next gardening season.

In order of who is ending first, here is the list of what you might be able to win.

• Ending tonight (Wed Nov 30th) at midnight Margaret Roach is giving away a copy of Cook This Now by Melissa Clark on Away To Garden.

• Also if you are in Virginia, you might be interested to win passes to the Lewis Ginter Garden Festival of Lights from Washington Gardener Magazine. (ends tonight so hurry)

There are a bunch of things ending on Friday:

Dirt du Jour has a giveaway going for pretty (and super easy to grow) hanging Tillandsia mounted on a rock. It is a pretty window hanging, holiday ornament, or office plant. (perfect for a stocking stuffer — just be careful when shoving it into the sock!)

tillandsia mounted ornament

Garden Rant is giving away a copy of Graham Rice’s Dry Shade Garden book (so handy for so many people!)

Timber Press is giving away a highly coveted copy of the latest edition of Dirr’s Encyclopedia of Trees & Shrubs. If you are unfamiliar with Dirr’s, let me enlighten you — this is hands down the best book on trees and shrubs…you want it — you need it — it’s a reliable resource that you will return to again and again. It’s not cheap (retailing for about $75) but its worth it — and if you don’t believe me, see what Jenny Peterson, Kylee Hartwig Baumle and Rebecca Sweet (all highly respected designers and garden writers) have to say about it.

• Also make sure to check back with Rebecca as she is running a series of as yet un-announced (but she promises that they will be good) giveaways all month and Kylee has some cool moss rocks to giveaway as well.

Leaf Magazine is holding a Huge 10-day long giveaway that starts on Dec 1st and ends on Dec 10th  (that’s the big image above) that has variety of exciting prizes that include beautiful books, garden-y baked goods and candy, gorgeous planters and handy planters, wooly pockets, a cedar beehive, Garden Conservancy passes, and the grand prize of a reclining Deck Chair. It’s all going down on Leaf’s facebook page so head there for daily details.

• On day 4 of the Leaf Giveaway (that’s this coming Sunday) you will have another chance to win that Dirr Tree book (in case you luck out on Friday with Timber Press).

aha modern living terrarium

Aha Modern Living is giving away a cool Terrarium and some very nice muddles that will make great stocking fillers. (That ends next week).

Birds and Blooms magazine also has a daily giveaway going for the month of December.

Daniel at Small Kitchen Garden is giving away his book (Yes you Can! And Freeze Dry It Too) about canning next week and you can find more details of that at his website.

• Stevie at Garden Therapy is doing something with prints from the pretty garden pillow line — so make sure to check things out over there too.

• Gen at North Coast Gardening is giving away a copy of The Visitors Guide to America’s Gardens.

And finally…

• Ending Dec 17th, Ben Vogt is giving away a copy of his garden memoir, Sleep Creep, Leap the First three Years of a Nebraska Garden.

Good Luck!

Check out the gallery for some of the prizes!

Images: Away to Garden, Dirt du Jour, Timber Press, Leaf Magazine, Aha Modern Living, and Ben Vogt

I am so excited to come clean and tell you what I have been working on for the last couple months.   As I have been winding down my design practice, I have been winding up on creating a new magazine with Susan Cohan (principal of Susan Cohan Gardens, and creator of Miss Rumphius’ Rules)  and Lynn Felici-Gallant (former editor of Coastal Home Magazine and owner of Indigo Gardens).

It’s called Leaf and I would like to invite you all to check us out over on facebook (we launched our fan page this morning) as well as subscribe (for free!!!) over on our subscription webpage.

leaf magazine wordmark

Over the next couple months, I will keep you up to date on our progress (there is so much to do before we launch later this fall!!!) and feel free to inquire, make suggestions, or just root us on through what promises to be many long nights and hours of hard work.

We have so many ideas and excitement for this project and we intend to blow the socks off the design world but I am curious, what you would love to see in a design magazine that covers design and inspiration for everything beyond the back door?

# 19  (by random # generator)

which is Ben who said…..

My answer – and what gardener WOULDN’T love this – plant more plants! Established plants, particularly perennials and shrubs, shade out the soil beneath them. In a mature garden, this can completely negate the need to weed after about mid-June. What gardener wouldn’t want an excuse to go buy and plant new plants – the thicker the better for weed control!

Ben, I need your address…..

Thanks for participating in the Landscape Fabric and $100 Lowes Gift-card-Giveaway.  When Dupont makes their choices for best tips, I will post a link.

I have a great giveaway for you.  Dupont has supplied me a roll of biodegradable weed control fabric to try out (review below) and an additional roll to pass on to one of you! Very cool right? — and to make it even better — there is a $100 gift card for Lowe’s Home Improvement Store tucked inside.

Here is what you have to do to win:

Tell us, in the comments, about your best weed control tip.  That’s it.   The Dupont people will pick the ten best tips and publish them (with credit to you and your website if you have one) on their website and I will randomly choose a comment winner from the list and send one person the fabric and the gift card.

calla lilies and weed control fabric

So to summarize, Biodegradable Landscape Fabric and Cash for Lowe’s for one person, Published tips on Dupont’s website for 10 people,  and weed control tips for everyone —  so many ways to win!!

You have until Next Friday to leave your comment.  (I will announce the winner next Saturday May 14th)

Here is my (so far) review of the landscape fabric:

Read the full post

I have to confess….though I live near Boston, New York is the city I really love (don’t hate me — it’s not like I am rooting for the Yankees).  If only I could, on a landscape designers income, afford my home AND a pied-a-terre in NYC….oh yes, that would be the life…

the city out my window 63 views on New York by matter pericoli

As a NYC lover and wannabe resident, a landscape designer and perpetual through the window dreamer,   - The City Out My Window is a book that I am truly enjoying.   It is a beautiful book of pencil drawings created by architect Matteo Pericoli.  Each page presents a beautiful line drawing of  New York based artists’, writers’, entertainers’, and composers’ home window view.

the city out my window pencil drawing

From writer Helen Gallagher:

“Reading this book, you gain a new sense of what people seek when they find their ideal home, even in crowded New York City. You sense what it means to them to feel connected to the city, yet our view is often something over which we exercise little control. Many of these New York homes and apartments, in fact, have views confined by architecture rather than nature, and yet people are drawn to the life and the changes observed through the window in each residence, from their private space in a very public city.”

david byrne city out my window pencil sketchAmong the many delightful drawings, accompanied by text and quoting the residents, are many personal and revealing comments, such as poet Meghan O’Rourke’s:

“I’ve lived in New York (both Manhattan and Brooklyn) most of my life.  This is my favorite view from any window I’ve ever had, though I once lived in a U-shaped apartment building, and it was very moving to be able to glimpse my family in the kitchen from my bedroom.  A little like eavesdropping on your life.  This view has an auditory component: the church bells ring periodically; they’re not too loud, but serve as a gentle reminder of time passing. And the trees in the backyard of the house are very old, so they seem to creak in the wind and rustle and sigh.  When I’m writing poetry, all this natural and man made muttering can be inspiration at times.”

wynton marsalis city out my window pencil sketchThe City Out My Window: 63 Views on New York has a lovely window shaped die-cut cover, interesting construction and pages that lay flat so nothing interferes with your peering into the lives of the city’s residents. I have an extra one that you can win for yourself or give as a beautiful holiday gift.   What do you need to do to get it?  Describe your favorite window view and tell why it is that you love it.

You have until Wednesday December 16th at 5:00 EST – then I will randomly pick a winner and get this beauty sent for the holidays.

Did you read all the comments for the Shed Chic Contest?  In trying to figure out the 3rd (my choice) winner of  the book I weighed all your great responses.

There are some really strong women who inspire me with their recoveries from things like lung removals (Michelle) and kidney transplants (Kath).  Wow! As well as some who (and I don’t mean to imply a lack of strength)  have laughable irrational fears…WaxyHeart’s fear of Blue Jays, Jamie’s ladybug and eyegook fear, and Heather’s Fist,  I mean Fish, fear — which I share.

I want to go gypsy and travel the world with Arythinas family to see solar eclipses.   Maybe on a stop in Paris I can look up Delphine’s favorite bakery (I will do that!).  I can totally relate to Elizabeth’s ‘vegetation disorientation’ ….have you ever been to the outer most Swedish archipelago islands?…I was severely disoriented by the vegetation there…

I am intrigued by Sheila’s Waterosity project…and would love to see some pictures if you have some time to send.

I discovered some new neighbors Courtney and Nitasha – you should both make sure to sign up for my email list because I  have an annual holiday event that I would love to invite you to.  And I discovered some of your great blogs (Tiersa...I will be trying some of your Tex Mex soon).  I might even try Jeannie’s Peanut Butter, Bacon and Tomato Sandwiches…you only live once right?

I love odd facts…Like Jamie wanted to be Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, Meg is an arson investigator cum wedding photographer – a fact that implies a life story that I am sure is so interesting. I also have this vision of Alicia’s former orchid house abode as a beautiful and funky place to live.

Coke USA vs. Coke Mexico…I think I need to do a taste test now….thanks Jessica for that tip…

and finally, to my dear local friends…Jen and Shanna – I don’t care if you are from Arkansas, or Oklahoma….neither hold a candle to Colorado. (why do you think all the Arkansas people are moving to Denver?) but I won’t hold it against you.  And Michele I would love to come see your babies…mine (of the bird sort) are arriving this week — maybe come by on Friday to see them?

But my favorite comment of all was from Megan and thus the winner– who broke her nose on her boyfriends head laughing at the Ms USA pageant…yes it is Karma….but you win the book because I can totally relate…I broke my nose on my husbands head 10 days before our wedding (playing basketball).   So Megan, please email me your address to forward to the publishers  for your copy of Shed Chic.

Thanks all for participating!

Update: I’m moving this right back to the top…today is the last day to enter.

In anticipation of the release of Shed Chic by Sally Couthard, Universe and Studio ‘g’ are partnering to give away 3 copies of the book. To enter the contest, you need to leave a comment on this post answering this question…..

studio 'g' giveaway book

Surely if you have a Facebook account you have seen the 25 random things about yourself list posted by someone you know…well, I would like to know you better…so, tell 3 random things about yourself in the comments of this post. Three is good right?…I personally couldn’t come up with 25…but I will share my 3 in the comments here to get us started.

Make your comments by Thursday April 23rd at 12:00 pm. I will announce the winners (2 by Random # generator and 1 judged by me as my favorite set of random things) first thing Friday Morning April 24th. Good Luck!!