DIY: Recycled Tire Garden Planters

by rochelle

in Containers, Eating + Drinking, How To

I have to admit, I find these recycled tire planters charming.  Planting containers made from tires are pretty easy to make and cost almost nothing.  Since it costs to dispose of tires, getting a few used wheels from a local auto shop should be a snap.

This pictorial how to from the Jersey City List shows how to make the cuts and turn the tire inside out to create the planter.  If you have leftover rims, you can use that as a pedestal base for your planter and you can paint them to what ever style or color suits your garden.

Of course if you are feeling lazy and just want to just use the tires as is….this actually has a certain charm as well.

image from our laughing place.

And while I am on the subject of planting in tires, does anyone have any DEFINITIVE information about planting potatoes in used tires.  Are there, or are their not issues with tires leaching anything?  Through a lot of online searching I seem to only find passionately opinionated advice on both sides of the coin, but not so much fact, based on tests or scientific information.  Do you happen to know of any facts related to growing root vegetables in tires?