All About Gabions : Cheap Retaining and Other Garden Features

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gabion wall inspiration materials

by cuckoofarmstudios

I have been re-building a stone retaining wall (painfully by myself) in front of my own house and I have to say, it is a lot harder than it looks.   I think the same is probably true of building gabions, but I think while they are hard work, they are not so technically complicated and they are easily adapted to your use and the materials you have on hand.

mosaic of gabion materials and walls detail

1. Gabion Wall, 2. Gabion, 3. Wetland park oyster shell gabion wall, 4. dominus_gabion_detail, 5. Stone Filled Gabions Background, 6. St Albans

Gabion walls are widely used in major landscape construction for retaining but their application in the garden is something that is the average homeowner can use to create beautiful garden features often using materials that are recycled or that are readily available onsite.

gabion garden features

1. gabion building, 2. Image17, 3. Hillier gabion 2, 4. Going Postal

This wall was created with precast concrete barrier (overturned) and gabions filled with square cut stones.

precast concrete and gabion wall
1. gabion landscape, 2. gabion + precast + lights

ROLU, rosenlof/lucas, ro/lu design studio located in Minneapolis, Minnesota created this inspiring gabion fence for this small modern residential garden.

POLU design gabion fence
1. gabion fence, 2. fence driveway and garage, 3. gabion grass close, 4. in the air

Edrich Badenhorst of Badec Bros Deco has created a huge variety of garden features based on the gabion design.  These containers and container plinths really provide alot of opportunity to get creative.
gabion container planters for the garden by cubedec
1. Cubedec D Range Powder Coated, 2. Cubedec A, 3. DSCF9855, 4. DSCF9614

This image from the Maccaferri website is so interesting to me, and I am convinced that this feature has a purpose other than just looking interesting….but can’t figure what it might be.  Any one have any ideas?

gabion garden feature

Gabion retaining walls don’t have to be big square, space consuming pieces, this tilted gabion wall provides the same function with a lot less space and a sleek look.

gabion retaining wall

by Brendan Ehlermann

gabion planters

by Badec Bros Deco

badec bros gabion water fountian

gabion feature wall with fountain

by Badec Bros Deco

Badec Bros Deco not only created the beautiful terraced landscape but the mosaic planters as well.  (I think I might have to feature them in their own future post).

gabion retain walls garden

by Badec Bros Deco

Gabion forms can be created with chicken wire…but if you want a more long lasting a professional look, you can find some great advice and buy the baskets from Maccaferri or Terra Aqua among others.  I read recently that if you have materials to fill them with, you can create walls for about 15$ a sq. foot (about a quarter of the price of a dry stacked wall).   There is some excellent engineering information here and here.