Thymus pseudolanuginosus – Woolly Creeping Thyme Seeds Wanted

by rochelle

in Plants

My front grass is completely dead.  This isn’t a case of not greening up in the spring…it is so much worse….when I rake it everything comes up and I am left with just clean dirt.   I have honestly never seen a case of grubs killing everything in sight, which is exactly what has happened….I suspect because of the mild winter.

wooly thyme rock garden

Since happening across a thyme lawn in northern Vermont a couple of summers ago, I have wanted to consider replacement. The typical steps to install such a thing are to kill all your grass, remove all the remnants of said grass and then you can seed or plant plugs.  Well, those nasty little white worms did step # 1, the wind and a quick sweep of the rake has covered off step # 2 and so I figure I must seize the unexpected labor-saving opportunity and plant the place up with something other than grass.

woolly thyme

This is what I want….. Thymus pseudolanuginosus – Woolly Creeping Thyme  — but I am having a tough time finding seeds (which I prefer, as I have no patience for plug planting).   Please, I am hoping someone has a source that they can share?

creeping thyme

Because if I can’t find wooly thyme seeds, then I think I am going to have to settle for creeping thyme….which is lovely, but I am pretty sure that the pink flowers will clash with deep reds and orange colors that I have going on at the front of the house….and the whole idea starts to make me wonder if I should just go back to grass……

What do you say?  Do you know of a Wooly Thyme seed source? Should I go with the creeping thyme if not, or keep it simple and just stick with grass ( I can always let the critters re-kill everything and try again another time)….and why are my own design decisions so much harder than those I make for my clients!!

images from Fine Gardening and Hume seeds.