What I See When I Run – Botanical Portraits

by Rochelle Greayer

in Art, Plants

saga seeds botanical portrait
I’m all about distraction and happiness today, despite yesterday’s awfulness. It is the holiday season and as much as my heart breaks and tears well up at the thought of those classrooms, my reality is that my two children were not there…they are here, and they are demanding that we finish the annual cookie-baking-palooza. I am so thankful for that.
Lygodium Microphyllum

This morning, I purposely spent a little time on pinterest….(the one social media outlet that didn’t make me cry) and discovered the botanical portraits of what I see when I run.

reindeer selanginella

I love them all, but picked these few to share with you because they started to restore some of the holiday spirit that I have sort of lost.   The top one is called Red M&M (Saga seeds) then just below that is called Twinkle (Lygodium Microphyllum) and just above here is Reindeer (Selanginella Plana).  As you scroll down you will see  Snowy (Syzygium Zeylanicum) and then Sleigh Bells below that.

white berries


I hope you have a nice weekend.

I can’t help but to to also say, as publicly as I can, here….that I hope that a classroom full of dead kindergartners is the last straw (it is for me)…I am not quite sure yet what to do with all of my emotion and anger, but I want to make sure it is channeled toward rational change….change in how we deal with and help mentally ill people and change in how we regulate gun ownership and change in whatever other ways we need to change to make mass shootings and horrific violence like this happen far less.  I have no idea what that means so am wondering if you have some thoughts?  Where do we go from here?

images from what I see when I run